The marine spas of Grado

An holiday in Grado is a complete vacation, both with sea and spas.

Close to the Ville Bianchi hotel, the Marine spas offers 2 pool with sea water, sauna, fitness lessons with exclusive rates for our guests.

They are located few minutes’ walk from the hotel across the pedestrian area or by our hotel bicycle.

Marine spas

Since the early nineteenth century the Hapsburg aristocracy came to Grado for its sea and precious Thermal Baths that today provide modern services, important and qualified aesthetic medicine in specific thalassotherapy programs and ageing skin prevention.

The Thalassotherapy Institute of Grado (Marine Thermal Baths) is one of the most modern centers in Italy . The philosophy behind the use of marine natural and physical elements, for the treatment and rehabilitation of various human pathologies, has remained uncontaminated since its inception up to modern days.

You can take advantage of the following treatments:

  • Ozonized Baths , in heated seawater at 36- 37°C for arthro-rheumatic pathologies;
  • Direct Inhalations,
  • Environment Misting
  • Aerosol for illnesses such as sinus conditions, chronic pharyngo-laryngitis, chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchial-rhinosinusitis.

All treatments use heated seawater.

Offers not to be missed

  • Tutte
  • May

Offers not to be missed

  • Tutte
  • May